Here's a lil' somethin bout me

I grew up in northern California with two older sisters and a dog that bit many people.


As a child I didn't ever think about becoming an actress. In kindergarden I wanted to be a dentist (because my dentist did cool magic tricks), in high school I played a lot of sports and thought I wanted to be a doctor (a delusion I now realize was a result from watching too much Grey's Anatomy), but I ended up going to UC Davis to study Mathematics where I eventually dropped out because what was I thinking!?

Once I knew I wanted to pursue acting professionally I knew I wanted proper training so I moved to New York City to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts*. 


I absolutely love making people laugh and performing comedy! I currently perform in "Band: The Story of Band" a monthly show at the PIT where we perform an improvised mocumentary's about a band!

*Please note my school abbreviations are AADA not AMDA. I don't want to mislead you, I cannot** sing or dance.

**Please note that "cannot" is more of a "will not" as I am technically capable of moving my body in a dancelike manner and producing notes of a songlike quality but choose not to as a courtesy to other's. You're welcome.

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